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Featuring Threads for Quilting, Sewing and Embroidery that we will be participating in the 2017
22440 Swan Road ~ Watertown New York 13601  Row X Row Experience. We are "on the go"
Quilt@twcny.rr.com ~ 315-782-1674 getting ready for this great experience.
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vend at your quilting event

Please call or email us at

Quilt@twcny.rr.com ~ 315-782-1674

Quilt Show Display Video 10-2015


Quilt Show Events, Classes & Lectures.
Borderline Quilt Guild Lecture & Class
March 1 ~ 2, 2017
Wednesday, Thursday
Canton, NY
Quilters Consortium of NY (QCNYS)
March 15, 2017
Thread Bears Quilt Guild
March 25, 2017
Thread Tasting Class
Oneida, NY
Piecemaker Quilters of Elmira
April 21~23, 2017
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Quilt Show at National Soaring Museum
Elmira, NY
Mexicalli Quilt Guild
Talking Threads Lecture
Thursday ~ May 18, 2017
Mexico, NY
Genese Valley Quilt Fest Show
June 2~4, 2017
Sat 10 - 5, Sun 10 - 4
 Gordon Field House, 1 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Quilters Consortium of NY (QCNYS)
June 15, 2017
Museum Quilt Guild Batavia
Talking Threads Class
Sat ~ June 17, 2017
Batavia, NY
Quilt North Quilt Guild
Stitching Fun Class 10AM
 Talking Threads Lecture 7PM
September  11, 2017
Wednesday, Thursday
Clifton Park, NY
Quilting on the Bayfront Info
September 14 ~ 16, 2017
Thurs, Fri, & Sat 10~5
Erie Bayfront Convention Center
Erie, PA.
Quilters Consortium of NY (QCNYS)
September,, 2017
Quilters Consortium of NY (QCNYS)
December, 2017


Pictures of our displays at recent Quilt Shows

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Just Threads Directions Map in pdf format


Glide Thread 5500 cones, Glide Thread 1000 mini cones, Cairo Quilt Cotton Thread, Magna Glide Bobbins, Class M Bobbins, Class L Bobbins, Class 15 Bobbins,

Superior Thread, King Tut, Metallic, Glitter, Bottom Line, So Fine 30, 40, 50, Rainbow, Razzle Dazzle, Sew Sassy, Superior Top Stitch Needles,

Valdani Pearl Cotton