Video #16

Needles Part 1

In Video #16, Bob Purcell (Chief Threadologist of Superior Threads) discusses the importance of using a correct needle with any sewing/quilting/embroidery project. The Topstitch needle has three outstanding features which make it a superior needle. A light sharp point, an elongated eye, and a deep groove lining the shaft of the needle. There are four sizes to Superior's Topstitch Needles. #70/10 for fine weight threads such as Kimono silk, MonoPoly, 60 weights +, #80/12 for piecing weight such as MasterPiece, So Fine #50, 50 weights +, #90/14 for Quilting/Embroidery weight threads such as King Tut, Rainbows, Highlights, 40 weights +, #100/16 for heavy threads such as Lava, So Fine #30, 30 weight threads +.